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Leadership Team
Lean On Me: MIT

Kathy Camenzind
MIT Chapter President, Software Engineer
Kathy is an MIT EECS student that believes that we can use technology to make the world not only a smarter place, but also a better place. Outside of coding, she enjoys hiking, running, travelling, and eating.

Kathryn Jiang
Chief Supporter
Kathryn is a Math and CS student at MIT excited about leveraging technology to promote mental health awareness. In her free time, she can be found cooking or climbing.

Sam Schendel
Head of Technology
Sam is a CS student at MIT who is excited to be able to contribute to a positive force in our community.

Mesi Kebede
Head of Recruiting

Jacqueline Shen
Head of Training
Jacqueline is a biology student at MIT with minors in statistics and data science and applied international studies. As training director, she is committed to preparing supporters for the important conversations that they will hold in order to support their peers.

Amin Manna
Software Engineer
Amin is a CS student at MIT. As head of technology of the Lean On Me software platform he is excited to leverage machine learning technology to build smart peer support networks and empathetic technologies. He is devoted to quality of the software platform, and the development of his team.

Arden Marin
Head of Supporter Management
Arden is an MIT student studying Mechanical Engineering with a focus on medical devices. Everyone has times where they need support, and Arden believes Lean on Me can provide this support for college students and other communities around the world. She would like to make Lean on Me a well-known name across campus and a contact is every student’s phone.

Gina Liu
Gina is a Materials Science and Engineering student at MIT who truly believes in peer support. She wants to make college a good experience by building a supportive community.  She wants to make Lean On Me a trustworthy service.

Amir Farhat
Software Engineer
Amir is a CS major and Entrepreneurship minor at MIT. He's originally from Palestine, and loves Arab food. He is fascinated by the power of human connection, and loves contributing to society wellness initiatives. He hopes to make Lean On Me simpler and more beautiful for its users.

Andy Trattner
Software Engineer
Andy has studied math, CS, AeroAstro, salmon palette, and stick figure drawing at MIT. He led Lean On Me through its first baby steps, developing fondness and a deep respect for the power of conversation

Jessica Pointing
Financial Officer
Jessica is a Computer Science and Physics student at MIT who is enthusiastic in using technology for social good. She is dedicated to creating a sustainable and growing organization so that college students across the country can get access to Lean On Me and build stronger communities.

Sam Kim Suh
Product Designer
Sam is a Cognitive Science and HCI major at Carnegie Mellon. He is excited about discovering new ways to design systems of social support. He is incredibly excited about the opportunities surrounding empathetic technologies.

Hannah Gaudet
Software Engineer
Hannah is an MIT Computer Science student. They're dedicated to the idea of making tech and mental health resources accessible. When not programming they're excessively caffeinated and probably talking about football.

David Ankin
Software Engineer
David Ankin is a Stony Brook student on paper, but in his heart an avid coder who enjoys uniting research concepts and revolutionary ideas with technology.

Yoeal Efrem
Software Engineer
I'm currently a Junior studying Computer Science at MIT. I'm from Cambridge, MA and love building smart impactful software.

Azaria Zornberg
Software Engineer

Lean On Me automatically and anonymously matches peers to create crowd-sourced texting networks of instantaneous support across organizations. We envision a world where everybody has someone to lean on.
How Our Hotline Works
Text Our Hotline

Send us a text about an issue or question you'd like to talk about. This can range from brief or nonurgent message like "All of my friends are busy and I want someone to talk to" to a longer or more serious message. Our supporters are here to talk to you, so the topic of conversation is your choice.
Match With a Supporter

Our algorithms will match you with a peer supporter who we believe can best relate to your challenges. This will be determined by your initial text, so feel free to include as much relevant information as you like. This matching and texting process is completely anonymous, so you and the supporter will only ever see the Lean On Me hotline number, never each others'.
Receive a Reply

Once a supporter matches with you, they will text you a reply. The median wait time to receive a reply is 2 minutes, although response time may be longer depending on the number of available supporters. If nobody has responded within 24 hours, you can try resending the text. If you feel comfortable doing so, you can also email us so that we can fix the issue for future users.
Have a Conversation

You can now have a conversation with the supporter! Feel free to carry on the conversation as long as you feel is necessary, and we hope that you are able to find the support that you're looking for. For a full list of commands, text "/help" to the hotline. Supporters will never see your slash commands.
Flag a Supporter

If at any time you feel uncomfortable with your peer supporter, text "/flag" then "/bye" to our hotline. This will immediately forward the conversation to a Lean On Me administrative team member and end your interaction. If we determine that a supporter has acted in poor taste, they will no longer be allowed to participate in the network.
End the Conversation

You can end a conversation with a supporter at any time by texting "/bye" and an automated message will confirm success. You will be asked to rate you conversation so that we can ensure quality supporters and improve our services. Whenever you want to text the hotline again, our server will match you with a new supporter.
Frequently Asked Questions
Who are the peer supporters?

Supporters are volunteers who share your experiences and are excited to converse with you! They are your peers, as determined by the context of the hotline. (For example, the MIT hotline's supporters are all MIT students.) They are not certified or licensed, but they do go through our Supporter Development Workshop to ensure quality of support and awareness of local resources.
How can I help?

We're always looking for more people to join the team! If you're interested in applying to be a peer supporter, you can apply here! If you'd like to be part of the Lean On Me organizational team or software development squad, please email us!
Can I start a Lean On Me hotline?

If you're part of a group that is interested in having a Lean On Me hotline, please email us and our team will get back to you as soon as possible. Our service is still in the development phase, but we are looking to expand to other universities as well as other organizations in the future, and would love to start a conversation with you now!
Do you ever report users?

We are not mandatory reporters, and we are not endorsed nor partnered with any existing organizations. Our policy is to keep all conversations 100% anonymous and we will never report you to emergency services, university administrators, or other outside entities. If you need emergency help, please find it elsewhere.
Why are my messages blocked?

If a number is found to be the source of multiple spam incidents, we reserve the right to block the number from participating in the network. If you believe your number has been blocked in error, please feel free to drop us a line at leanonme-coord@mit.edu.
Can I give you feedback?

Feedback is always welcome! If you have a suggestion, please drop us a line at leanonme-coord@mit.edu! We are constantly thinking about how to improve the Lean On Me network and technology, so we would love to hear from you.

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